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The Art & Science 
of Taking Action On Your 
Dream Duas

For Muslims Who Want To Break The Cycle 
of Unanswered Duas, Inconsistent Habits, 
& Unfulfilled Dreams.

For Muslims Who Want To 
Break The Cycle 
of Unanswered Duas, 
Inconsistent Habits, 
& Unfulfilled Dreams.

That Feeling Of Running In Circles, 
Here's How To Break Free. 
Picture this…

It's a dark, stormy night…
You’re driving alone on a winding road…
No lights, no signs, no GPS...

You can only see as far as your headlights…
On the hope the road ahead is safe.
Why do we live life this way?
  • Scattered efforts to better our Islam
  • Too distracted to focus on what matters
  • On a hope tomorrow will be different
  • Scattered efforts to better our Islam
  • Too distracted to focus on what matters
  • On a hope tomorrow will be different
What if…

Instead of ending each day exhausted…

…you laid your head down with a smile, because today:
  • You accomplished what feels right
  • You’re ahead of schedule and the momentum keeps rising
  • You’re excited for Fajr to start the day even better
If you want an excellent life, 
stop thinking it’ll happen by accident.

Excellence is NEVER the result of accident.

In the famous hadith, the Prophet ﷺ advised us 
to have trust in Allah AND tie your camel... 

- in other words - make Dua AND take action

So you perhaps you've been making Dua... comes the strategy, the intention, the engineering.

The only question left is - how?


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
DreamWalker is DiscoverU’s premium program to engineer your best year ever with extreme intentionality.

At its CORE, attend 2 LIVE sessions & 1 GROUP Coaching, where you'll:
  • Learn the critical ingredients to strategize your best year ever with Islamic Excellence.
  • Master the art of balance so you can give the important people in your life the time they deserve - including yourself - and above all else your Creator.
  • ​Rethink the meaning of "accountability" - the #1 thing sabotaging your success. 
  • ​Enjoy "Dream Discovery" - a session entirely dedicated to choosing this year's top experiences, achievements, and emotions. 
  • ​Internalize a new identity based on who you need to be in order to manifest your Dream Duas. 
  • Embody the habits and vital behaviours that'll unlock your success.
  • ​With trademarked "DreamCards", blueprint your 2021 Masterplan.
With the All-Inclusive "Master Your Emotions" Advanced Package, attend two more LIVE sessions & an additional GROUP Coaching session:
  • Deep dive into your emotional and behavioural patterns to pinpoint the source of self-sabotage.
  • Understand the deep-seated values you didn't know were the cause of how and why you behave, feel, and think the way you do. 
  • ​Design the method and strategy that'll accelerate you towards your dreams. 
  • ​Pre-empt against pitfalls and obstacles before they happen with a detailed "If - Then" strategy.
  • ​Slay the "perfectionism" excuse holding you back from taking the first step.
  • ​Learn how to hold yourself accountable daily, weekly, and quarterly - measure your progress and recalibrate accordingly. 
The All-Inclusive "Master Your Emotions" Advanced Package also includes:

--- 2 LIVE Quarterly Follow-Ups with Muhammad Alshareef to regroup, measure your progress, and recalibrate together May and September 2021.
  • Stop setting goals - they're just boring, static wishes. I'll show you what to do instead. 
  • Your problem is NOT "will power" or "self-discipline". I'll show you how to hold yourself accountable and how to transform into WHO you need to be. 
  • It's not about the destination but the JOURNEY that matters. Let me show you how to LOVE the process so it PULLS you in every single day.
Choose the Package That Best Suits You
  • 2 LIVE Sessions with Muhammad Alshareef
  • 1 Open Mic Group Coaching with Muhammad Alshareef
  • Tribe of DreamWalkers (Private Facebook Group)
  • Complete “Color-by-the-Numbers Yearly Strategy” DreamCards
  • [BONUS] Tag Cloud: Guarantee Future Joy by Using Past Data
  • [BONUS] ​Curated List of 50 Things to Experience in 2021
  • [BONUS] Curated List of 50 Things to Achieve in 2021
  • Printout Sheets for All Activities
master your emotions
  • 2 more LIVE Sessions with Muhammad Alshareef (total of 4)
  • 1 more Open Mic Group Coaching with Muhammad Alshareef (total of 2)
  • Telegram Accountability Group for Elite Tribe of DreamWalkers
  • 2 Live Quarterly Accountability and Recalibration Sessions in May and September 2021
  • Group Scorecard and Progress Measurement
  • [BONUS] Slay the Criticism Dragon
  • [BONUS] Fundamentals of Journaling for Life 
  • Do not mistake this for a productivity or time management course.
  • None of those take stock of your life, measure your past experience, and deliver you a bespoke masterplan with Allah as its focus.
  • The best year ever is not possible without Allah, without grounding in Salah, without Eman.
This stuff is ace. The Ummah is missing this level of accountability. We're always saying we don't have time, so you need this perspective in order to make changes - 100%. It's fantastic

Luisana Valadez
Holistic Nutritionist & Mentor
I had the privilege of reviewing this course and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. There are two things that stand out to me when it comes to people who live a life of GET IT DONE with GRATITUDE and IHSAN that shaykh Muhammad will teach about. One is Dua that shaykh teaches in Visionaire and two is Strategy which he will cover in this course. Take it and say goodbye to hesitation and confusion about your direction.  

Kaltun Karani
Spirituality and Intentional Rising Mentor
I acknowledge that those Dream Duas which never manifested were a result of me not taking any action. This is the solution, bi idh nillah. If Visionaire is learning to trust in Allah in the manner of the Sahaba RA, then this course is tying the camel on that level. 

Mostakim Habib
Law School Grad
While this program is exceptionally powerful, we understand it may not be for everyone.

For that reason, you have until the 2nd Live class (on June 13) to let us know...

...and your money will be fully refunded, no hard feelings. 
You’re now at the start of a new decade…

You either continue driving on a dark road with nothing but headlights…

…or you can finally light up your path with DreamWalker

…a strategic vision and execution, year after year…

…without ever taking Allah out of the equation.
DreamWalker will CLOSE 
on June 11, 2021.
P.S. You have the DreamWalker Guarantee.

If you find no value in the program, or disagree with its content, or if you have no reason at all to want your money back…

...simply let us know by the 2nd Live class (on June 13) and your money will be fully refunded, no hard feelings. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What is DreamWalker in a nutshell?
The art and science of taking action towards your Dream Duas. Spend two weeks Live with Muhammad Alshareef strategizing your path forward, taking into account your behavioural patterns, emotions, and WHO you have to be in order to arrive at Dream Dua manifestation. 
Is this a goal-setting course?
Nope. Nor is it a time management or productivity course.
DreamWalker is a paradigm shift. It’s about transforming who you have to BE in order experience, achieve, and feel what you want this year.
What does enrolment include specifically?
You will gain access to your private members portal, live module sessions with Sh Muhammad Alshareef, plus accountability and recalibration sessions 3 and 6 months after the Live program.
What are the dates and time of the live modules? What if I can’t make it?
If you’re not able to make a live session, you'll have lifetime access to all recordings and bonus resources in your student portal.

All Live online sessions are scheduled at 10 AM EDT on:

LIVE CLASS 1: Saturday, June 12
LIVE CLASS 2: Sunday, June 13
OPEN MIC (Group Coaching): Thursday, June 17

LIVE CLASS 1: Saturday, June 19
LIVE CLASS 2: Sunday, June 20
OPEN MIC (Group Coaching): Thursday, June 24
What is the Core Course Outline?
1. Introduction to Islamic Planning & Strategy
2. The Anatomy of DreamWalker
3. Introduction to DreamWalker’s Trademarked Strategy
4. What Makes the Believer’s Best Year
5. The Fatal Flaw of Goal Setting and What to Do About It
6. Who Do You Have to BE to Achieve Your Dreams
7. Dream Discovery
8. Behaviors, Habits, and Key Measurements
9. Blueprint to This Year's Masterplan
What is the All-Inclusive "Master Your Emotions" Course Outline?
1. Everything in Core Package Plus:
2. Introduction to Islamic Accountability & Responsibility
3. Introduction to DreamWalker Scorecard
4. How to Hold Yourself Accountable Weekly and Monthly
5. Regroup with Muhammad Alshareef Quarterly (May & Sep 2021)
6. Recalibrate to Stay on Course or Reroute
7. Emotions in Islam
8. What Do Emotions Have to Do With Success?
9. How to Recognize Your Deep-Seated Emotions
10. How to Choose Your Theme Year
11. How to Recognize Your Phases & Patterns
12. Understand How Your Values Make or Break Your Progress
13. How to Address Your Perfectionism
14. How to Master Your Emotions with DreamWalker’s Trademarked Strategy
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